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                                        Product model Substrate thickness
                                        Mold release film thickness
                                        Peel strength
                                        Surface impedance
                                        Adhesive surface impedance
                                        Static dissipation
                                        Product specifications
                                        YF5025F-101 50 25 1-3 106-9 108-9 ≤0.8 1.0*200
                                        Y7550-102 75 50 3-6 / / / 1.0*200
                                        YF3825-103 38 25 8-12 106-9 / ≤0.8 1.0*200
                                        YF10025F-104 100 25 15-25 106-9 106-9 ≤0.8 1.0*200
                                        Note : All the data in the material is obtained under the standard testing conditions of the company. All the data are for the reference and are not the guaranteed specifications.