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                                      Enterprise concept

                                      Personnel training , enriching the skills;
                                      Sustainable development , sustainable business.

                                      Enterprise targets

                                      Meet the needs of customers, improve the supply system; emphasize skills and education, enhance the working effectiveness;
                                      Continue to improve, to create zero defects.

                                      Enterprise purpose

                                      Quality : good material control system, quality assurance.
                                      Service : perfect sales and service team , customer satisfaction.
                                      Cost : high efficiency, low energy consumption, enhance the advantage.
                                      Environmental protection : creation of green chemicals, reduce pollution.

                                      Enterprise spirit

                                      Integrity and dependable, finely innovation; devotion and gregariousness, proactive.
                                      Rather work to live, not work for a living.

                                      Endless pursuit

                                      Human make progress because of pursuit, and make success because of progress. When the unlimited pursuit becomes a kind of idea, dream starts to be realized.
                                      Following the concept that science and technology can create the future,
                                      summon a great courage, and let the world taste unlimited scenery of technology,
                                      lead life to endless future,
                                      extend to a world with more freedom, more openness, more wonder.